Optical Module Test

2018-02-28 355

OCI1500 is based on OFDR technology, and is suitable for short distance, high resolution and high precision measurement. In analysis of internal structure of an optical module, OCI1500 can accurately identify the return loss value...


Chirped Grating Delay and Spectrum Measurement

2017-12-20 433

Chirp grating dispersion compensation technology is the main way to solve the dispersion problem in optical fiber communication, and its delay characteristic is the main factor that affects the dispersion compensation effect. The ...


Grating Microstructure and Spectrum Measurement

2017-12-20 420

OCI1500 can be used to measure grating microstructure and spectrum, and evaluate the quality of grating. The following figures show measurement results of four gratings....


Optical Link Diagnosis

2017-12-20 384

In the field of short-distance optical fiber transmission, OCI1500 can be used for link diagnosis and fault location. Figure 1 shows a fiber link with break points, splice points, and optical devices such as optical switches, coup...